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Hockey Specific Skating School began in 2003 at the timely request of a friend and somewhat out of frustration of the teachings of other Skating Schools we had encountered.  We started with one group of 27 skaters, and have grown throughout the years to 4 different camp levels with 6 groups and over 220 skaters. 

This is not a "cookie cutter" camp.  Skaters will be asked to challenge themselves in many areas, on and off the ice.  The sessions build upon each other and since the groups have limited space, there is specific attention to detail, and our camp is notorious for not letting skaters "slip through the cracks".  

We also pride ourselves on our extraordinary off-ice program.  It is totally worth the price of the camp on its own!  Players growth and development in this part of the program happens through team and personal growth topics, as well as activities which foster these.  AND at the same time while bringing in elements of fun.  Each off-ice program is age appropriate, and consistent with players needs and development - physically and mentally.   





This group will have a total of 5 hours of on-ice instruction. New in 2018 is 3 hours of off ice instruction
(45 min Monday through Thursday).  The off-ice program was introduced to help the player with the neurological requirements that are necessary for on-ice skating success.  The on ice sessions, which are geared to be challenging yet very age appropriate, will  focus on the Long-Term Athletic Development of the player. 
Focus on forward and backward skating (stride principles are introduced) as well as an introduction to edge work (more specifically, outside edge). The skaters will learn through instruction, as well as games to enhance and reinforce the focus of the session.  

This is NOT a learn to skate program. 



Skaters from the Birth Year '09 and older are eligible for this session.  

There will be two ice sessions per day, with 11 total hours of ice. The first ice session of the day will focus on various aspects of skating.  We will cover forward and backward stride (in detail), balance, edge work (especially outside edge) and transitions (tight turns and pivoting).  Time will also be time spent on balance and agility. The focus here is long-term development.

The essential principles of force application that must be applied in order to skate, not only fast, but efficiently, will be emphasized in the curriculum.  Each player will be encouraged to work within their individual, anatomical and physiological capabilities.  

The off-ice portion will be a series of presentations relating to the game of hockey and life.  The player will be required to think and interact on an individual as well as in a group environment.  The presentations are designed to be mentally stimulating.  There will be an introduction to dryland training.

The second ice session of the day is spent in a game like environment that consists of 1 v 1, 2 v 2 or 3 v 3.  In this portion the players will HAVE to use the skills that were worked on in the first session (of that day).

Off-ice sessions will be Monday through Thursday.



This is an invite only session.  "Older' (about 15 years old) but new skaters to Hockey Specific Skating School, who wish to be considered for this session, should sign up on the wait list and we will be in contact with you.  Skaters who have participated with us previously will be contacted if they are eligible for this session.

There will be two ice sessions per day.  Total ice time is 11 hours. The first ice session will focus on technique. We cover the forward and backward stride in significant detail as well as transitions (turning and pivoting).  Edge work, balance and agility will take on a whole new meaning to this group.  There are a few new things presented here but that's NOT what this camp is about - it's more about being BRILLIANT AT THE BASICS!  Much is expected from this group - not only physically but also mentally.  

Dryland sessions will be in various forms that are age appropriate in terms of physical, mental, emotional for the group.  Off-ice training techniques as well as nutrition are also discussed.

The second ice session of each day is spent in a 1 v 1, 2 v 2 or 3 v 3 game environment.  In this fun-filled, action packed portion the players will HAVE to use the skills that were worked on in the first session (of that day).

Off-ice sessions will be Monday through Thursday.                 


The Winter Refresher was created so that skaters who participated in our Main and Advanced Camps, the summer prior, could brush up and work on some of their skating skills.  Only skaters who participated in either one of these two sessions that prior summer are eligible to register for the Winter Refresher.  

The Winter Refresher takes place during the holiday break between Christmas and the New Year. More information will be sent out to those eligible as we get closer to the camp dates.


Here at Hockey Specific Skating School, we have seen the benefit of skaters who return each year to improve upon their skating. Permanent changes in development happen over time. Each year, we allow the skaters from the prior summer to have a window of opportunity to register, prior to letting in the wait list.  If you are trying to register for a session, and have not been a part of our camps in the past, you may register for the wait list and we will contact you by the end of the first week in April, to let you know what your status is.  

Below is a link to register for the Wait List. Skaters are admitted to Hockey Specific Skating School, first come, first serve, based on session eligibility and skater eligibility. 

Please feel free to visit our Questions page, or email us at